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    Minstrels (Folk Poets)

    In weddings and entertainments, minstrels (poets) revive the event by singing mutually. Traditionally, drum, clarion and pipe called as "pîk" or "bilûr" are used in Hakkari weddings. Halay dance is performed by mutually singing folk songs named "stran."

    Bird Watching

    Nehil Wetland being above Yüksekova Nehil Creek and at about 2000 meters altitude in Yüksekova, has a rich flora, as well as provides a breeding site for rare birds such as purple heron, heron, march harrier and montagu's harrier, otis tarda, crane, while hosting migrating birds such as pelican and flamingo during their migrations.


    Waterfalls in Hakkari are supportive in diversifying the opportunities brought with water. Kavaklı Waterfall, Ağaçdibi Village Waterfall, Sat Waterfalls, Gelezo Waterfall and the waterfalls in Heaven-Hell glaciers are the main waterfalls to be visited in Hakkari.

    Heaven-Hell Valley

    Heaven-Hell Valley (Cennet-Cehennem Vadisi), 45 km away from Hakkari is worth to see. There is a creek with the same name running through Heaven-Hell Valley. Nature lovers visiting the region do activities such as camping, outdoor sports, rock climbing, hiking, while find opportunities to explorer hidden paradises.